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Giftsnode is a completely free to join platform which empowers Business to earn money by providing virtual experiences

What are the benefits of GiftsNode?

It works 24/7, even when you are sleeping

Purchase flow is fully automated

Grow your sales via internet

Almost 40 percent of all sales are made via the internet.

Access our customer community

Our team will take care of entire online sales process


> Register as a Provider and get your Business account. 

> Add your online experiences on your Business account ( you can add as many experiences as you want. The more creative you are the better!) 

> Your added online experiences will be sold by GiftsNode to the Clients as a Gift coupons. 

>  Deliver your online experience to Client and scan QR code of Gift coupon or enter the ID# in your Business account to verify the validity of the coupon and for redeem it.

> Receive your payment at the end of the month for the all reddemed Gift coupons subtracting our Service Commission (15% from the published). 

>It works 24/7, even when you are sleeping. 

>Your online experiences added to GiftsNode will reach potential clients all over the world.

> Giftsnode will take care of the entire sales process. There is no need to worry about managing websites and payments.

> Worry only about offering the unique online experiences! 

In order to offer your online experience on GiftsNode, you must register as a Provider and agree to our Terms and Conditions. 

You must keep your contact information, your schedules and all other relevant information up to date.

> Check out our Terms and Conditions:


You get the value of the Gift coupon minus the GiftsNode service fee (15%). 
You will receive payment for all redeemed coupons that are within the validity period. 

On the last day of each month, the accumulated payments are made for redeemed coupons during the current month. In order to receive payment, you must provide the agreed service within the validity period of the coupon and mark the coupon as redeemed in your Business account. 

Remember to give us updated information about your billing information and your bank account for to receive payments correctly.

Everyone can offer their experiences on GiftsNode! We are looking for the best Providers and always trying to have a wide offers for all audiences in all over the world!

Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to comply with the regulations and legal requirements in force for the development of your activity. 
For example, if you need specific licenses, insurance or certifications to offer a certain type of service, you have to be sure you have it.

You can offer as many as you want. The more creative you are the better!

We are always looking for the best deals, which cannot be found anywhere else.
We want to help you shine! 
Our team is ready to give you ideas and help you to plan exclusive online experiences. 
Fill out the registration form for each experience.

> Here you find the form to register your online experiences: https://www.giftsNode.com/for-providers/

To redeem a GiftsNode coupon you must scan the QR with your mobile phone. Check its validity: isn't it expired or has not been redeemed before. 

After scanning the QR code you will see information either is it still valid either it is not valid anymore. 

If a coupon is valid enter your password and click “redeem coupon”.

The coupon will be marked as redeemed and the client will not be able to use it again later. You can only redeem the coupon once, upon completion of the online experience or service.

By exchanging it you will be able to receive payment for your experience, within the terms and conditions established in our terms and conditions.

In your Business account you can check your added online experiences and redeemed coupons with the corresponding oustanding balance that you will receive at the end of the month.

> Access your Business account here : https://www.giftsNode.com/my-profile.htm 

Yes you can change your password in your Business account.

> Access your Business account here : https://www.giftsNode.com/register.htm?login=1

Of course you can make changes! 
For to make a special promotion contact our team via email hello@giftsnode.com and define all the details.
Our team will make the appropriate modifications. Keep in mind that these modifications will not apply to the coupons which have already been purchased.  

If the client brings not valid coupon you should inform the client that the coupon is no longer valid. 
Please be noticed that before performing the service you must scan the coupon to make sure it is valid. You will not be able to redeem coupons which have expired or have been redeemed before and you will not be able to receive payments for them.

Please contact the GiftsNode team and let us know that you are no longer offering that online experience.

We will remove the experience from GiftsNode website.

Keep in mind that even after your online experience is deleted from GiftsNode, there may still be valid coupons which were previously purchased and clients may contact you to redeem them. 
Please inform us of such situation along with the coupon information so we can find an alternative for the client.

Please keep in mind that our team monitors the quality of the online experiences and values the comments received from clients to ensure a good service. So we can decide to remove one or several offers at any time.

Our team also monitors are the offers and providers working. If we do not receive a response from a provider, we will deactivate their online experiences to keep the offer on our platform updated.

Likewise, we can determine that an online experience is not suitable for our platform or limit the number of online experiences of the same theme, to guarantee a varied and attractive offer for clients.

You can contact the GiftsNode team via email hello@GiftsNode.com. 
We will respond as soon as possible, during office hours. 

You can contact us via e-mail  hello@giftsNode.com.
We will respond as soon as possible, during office hours.