About us

We are Aiste and Laurynas. We created GiftsNode in 2022.

Our goal is to unite people all over the world by giving unique online experiences for to create a better internet.
The virtual world is our future and we believe we can create it all together by making momentous online experiences. We want to give people possibility to discover the world via internet.
There is no need to be a professional cook for to make perfect Italian pasta – you can do that in your own home with the veritable Italian just using your laptop or even mobile phone.
We believe that thousands of activities we do in real world we can do it via internet,  and actually  sometimes we can do there even more.
On GiftsNode, you will find various virtual experiences. 
From private online tour in Tokyo to Italian wine & cheese tastings.
From online adventures on Safari in Africa to exploring the space with a real astronomer.
You can find it all on GiftsNode.
Welcome to the first ever gift marketplace of virtual experiences in the world!
Don’t gift things, Gift virtual experiences!


The founder and communications woman, who finds bugs in processes or code everywhere she goes or does.


The founder and the man behind the code. He’s not just a genius programmer, but he also acquires new partners like it's nothing! 



How does GiftsNode work?

Choose a gift

Find what you want, use the filters. We have options for everyone!

Make the payment

Register and make the payment by card / google pay. You will receive your Gift coupon by e-mail.

Give a gift to others

Follow the reservation instructions that appear on your Coupon / Gift.

Enjoy a unique experience

Life is made up of small moments. Enjoy the maximum and repeat!